Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Introducing our Cushy Monsters

After we designed and released our Babushka Love Collection, a little birdy had a word in our ear that some Monsters would be good too, for the boys.
And as we're all for pleasing the people ('the people' lol reminds me of the movie Madagasca), we have gone to the design board and created a monster collection, for boys, and girls.
Introducing our Cushy Monsters Collection!

Each of our four children have claimed their own Cushy Monster - the boys are equally attached to their monsters, they carry them around the house!
Cuddle up with a monster tonight!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Featured already?!

As you may know, we released our Blanky Carry Bag yesterday. Imagine our surprise to find a message late yesterday from the gorgeous Louise of The Baby View letting us know that our Blanky Carry Bag is featured on their website! Wow - so quick!

The Baby View is a great site with very handy information, like a Baby Layette List (just so you can make sure you have everything); information about cloth nappies; Shopping Directory; Product Reviews are more! 
Almost makes us want to have another baby ... no, four is a good number lol!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Introducing our Blanky Carry Bag!

At Blanky4me studio nothing makes us more happy than a customer asking if we could make somthing, and we go-to in designs and measurements to come up with the product.

And that was the case with our latest product - the Blanky Carry Bag. It's perfect for trips to day care, school, camp, picnics, sleepovers and more.

These bags are made to fit our blankys, so they easily slide in and out, once the blanky is folded. They're available in all our colours and in three sizes - so whether you have a Baby, Kids, Adult or Babushka blanky, it will fit snug in one of these bags! Making life that little bit easier :)