Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New Space Theme design

We love it when our customers ask us to custom design something for them. And that was the case with our latest design which was finished just last week - our new Space Theme Blanky.
By the time this blanky was finished we had fallen in love! So, in all it's gorgeousness, we've now made it available on our website, so everyone can order!
And, yes, this design is already popular with orders already coming in!
It is available in all three Baby, Kids and Adult sizes.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Introducing our Personalised Pet Blankys

This idea has been on the design board for a long time. We've had enquiries from customers, but never quite had the time to put a final design together.
Until now!
Introducing our Personalised Pet Blankys!
These blankys turned out so cute - small size for cats and small dogs; medium for bigger dogs and large for when you want to throw a blanky on the lounge or bed for the dogs to sleep on. 
We have two designs to choose from - Paws and Bone. And we've mixed up the fabrics so YOU choose exactly what combination you want (fun!).They are made from our usual Waffle Fleece and Premium Polar Fleece - so nice and snuggly, warm and comfortable for that special pet in your life.