Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pet Beds in store now!

We get hundreds of ideas drift through our studio - some we put aside, some we decide to start design work and sketches on, and a few actually make it to the prototype stage and eventually some make it to the store.

One of the ideas that has drifted by over the years was Pet Beds. Waffle and Polar fleece are so cuddly and comfortable you can just imagine your pet sinking down into it to enjoy a snooze.

Like our Pet Blankets, the beds were suggested to us by a customer, however time was not on our side (when you're flat out busy making customer's orders it's difficult to find time to create new things).
However with the Pet Beds this was solved when another customer asked if we could make her dog a personalised Pet Bed cover. So, we jumped at the chance to fulfil an earlier idea.
And now we can present to you ... our Pet Beds!

Our Personalised Pet Beds are made from Waffle and Polar Fleece and they have a secure envelope back. You can choose the 'Bone' or 'Paws' design. We can provide the bed insert, or you can simply purchase the cover and insert your own.
They look so comfortable I want to just curl up on one and have a nap!

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