Thursday, 14 August 2014

Stretch Your Budget By Using Blankets!

Spring may be just around the corner, but it's colder than ever in Sydney. And with electricity prices currently through the roof, it's important to save any way you can. That's where blankets come in very handy.

Rather than turn the heating up when things get chilly in the lounge room, why not pile on a blanket or two? You can even shut off the heating completely on some nights, and this will save even more money. It can even be romantic! And I don't know one kid who doesn't like to snuggle under a blanket with mum or dad, especially if it's just before bed.

That brings us to bed time. An electric blanket may be good, but there's the electricity usage again. We've had customers from some very cold parts of Australia (Albany, Western Australia, for example) who say that one of our blankets is the equivalent of three other types of blankets. Now that's toasty warm!
So next time you're thinking of turning the heater on or the electric blanket, think about using a blanket instead, your purse will thank you for it!

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