Monday, 23 March 2015

Ribbons-all-around Blanket

After working on a special request from a customer for a cushion with ribbons/tags all the way around, we were so impressed with the outcome that we decided to put an option on our website for customers to order a blanky with 'ribbons-all-around'.
You can imagine our excitement a few weeks ago when a customer placed an order for a baby blanky with 'Ribbons-all-around'!


And from the feedback from the customer read like this: "Thanks so much for Amelia's blanky, both her mummy and I love it. You should have seen how excited Amelia's mummy was when I gave it to her. Now all the girls in my life have their own blanky ...
Thank you again for another beautiful blanky." ~ Leah, VIC
To see a photo of the happy baby on her blanky visit our Facebook fanpage.
It's this type of thing they brings a big silly smile to our faces!

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