Thursday, 11 June 2015

Kid's request

The other night one of Master Twelve's school mates had a hard time getting to sleep. No matter what he did he couldn't get to sleep. He grabbed his Blanky4me Personalised Cushion that Master Twelve had given him as a Birthday gift a few years ago, and as soon as his head hit the cushion he fell asleep! 
The next day he told Master Twelve about the ordeal, and followed up with "Blanky4me should make pillow sized ones too, so I can sleep so well every night." Others in the class (who also have a Blanky4me Personalised Cushion), agreed.

And that is how we got the idea of having this new product! Presenting our Personalised Pillowcase! As usual, you choose the colours and font - customise it to your colour scheme.
Check back, because we have another new product coming very soon!

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