Monday, 22 June 2015

See what we're excited about!

You know those ideas you have that just don't go away? Months later you're still thinking about them, but because you're busy you just don't get to making them happen? 

Well, we had one such idea. It sat for months and months, maybe even a year. Then recently we showed a sneak peek of a new product and a few customers jumped at it, asking was it 'such and such'? It unfortunately wasn't, it was our Teddy Rug-Blanky. But what they were asking for had been in our mind for a long time. 

So we decided the interest that was shown was a call to action; we got to the drawing board and worked on our idea; trialed and errored, tested and thought about logistics. Until we came up with a design that worked.

Introducing our Hooded Reversible Blanket! Perfect for camping; picnic; match day or curling up on the lounge. We love it :)
We really wanted to make this blanket work for the wearer, so we included: hand pockets - to keep your hands warm and make it easy to be wrapped up in the blanket securely; the hoodie was a given - keep that warmth from your head inside, to be extra toasty; the length - it's made to keep the average adult/teen warm without tripping over it or it being dragged on the ground. It's double thickness fleece and therefore it's fully reversible - two blankets in one! And as we always do - personalisation for that unique touch.

Pop over to our online store for colour choices and details.

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